Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dancers Need More Carbs

A dancer's diet should be composed of about:
55-60% carbohydrate

12-15% protein

20-30% fat

During heavy training and rehearsals the amount of carbohydrate should be increased to at least 65%.

Carbohydrates are the major energy source in muscles. It's hard to get enough carbs during this time period. It is actually recommended to drink carbohydrate powder in your water throughout the day to keep your muscles fueled.

Dancers who do not ingest sufficient carbohydrate in their diet will compromise their ability to train because of low muscle glycogen levels. They may feel more fatigued during classes and rehearsals.
I see many dancers, during intense rehearsals, with muscular injuries. I adjust them, put them on electrotherapy, and then advised them to eat more carbs.
"Do not be afraid of gaining weight; the carbs will go straight to your muscles."


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